Adult Buggy Board

Last October I had a stroke and it took out the complete right hand side of my body. Fortunately I had access to  my late wife’s mobility scooter and started using that, since I cannot walk very far.
When out I am usually accompanied by my carer, who normally has to walk along side of the scooter. It occurred to me that  it would be possible to make an adult buggy board to tow along behind the scooter and the carer could stand on that.  My scooter is class 3 which allows it to be used on the road as well as the pavement. Normally walking pace is three miles per hour and the buggy can be legally driven at 4 miles per hour on the pavement and 8 miles per hour on the road.

Design Approach.

Mobility scooters must not be wider than 80 cm  and for the first prototype I made the buggy axle 450 mm in width,  however when I make the next one, I will make it the same width of the scooter which is about  550 mm. I already  had two scrap scooters so I cannibalised  two wheels from one of them which were 250 mm diameter and typically had balloon tires fitted and an axle diameter of 15 mm.  Any other info can be seen from the pictures below.

October 1 2014

When I originally came up with the idea of the adult buggy board  I assumed that that they already existed, but it turned out that this was not true. An interesting point is that legislation does not exist for anything not yet in existence.
We use the buggy board every time we go into town and it has certainly raised a lot of interest among people in all age groups.
A second related project is also nearing completion and it will be interesting  to see how the ‘establishment’ responds to it. I think the next project will be looking at the problems of wheel chair users.
Since we are primarily ‘problem solvers, we might be interested in tackling any problem or need. Just send us an email.

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