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About the 18th of  September  my wife had a fall in our lounge.  She called me for help and was taken into the county hospital, where it was discovered she had broken her femur at the ball joint and an emergency hip joint replacement operation was carried out. She was also CAT scanned because of the extensive bruising on one side of her head, which revealed little of concern.  I have to say that I was very impressed with all of the staff at the county hospital and thank them for everything they did for my wife.
Eventually she was later transferred to a local district recuperation hospital , where again I thought that the doctors and nursing staff did a wonderful job.  Eventually, everyone  was pleased with her progress and she entered into the ‘Care Management’ pre-release system, was processed and released from hospital into ‘home care’ on the 25th  of October.

The usual disclaimer,

I am not a doctor and if you need medical advice you should obtain it from a professional.  

Normally, when our loved ones have an accident or fall ill, we stand back and let the professionals take charge and do their thing, and so it was with me for my wife's first fall.  I did have some niggling doubts because the obvious question of how and why my wife had her first fall, remained unanswered.  These questions have  never been answered. From an engineers point of view this is not acceptable because unless one knows WHY an accident happened, it is impossible to  prevent it happening again.
On the day of her release from hospital, she had a second fall and fractured her pelvis.

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