PIC medical applications.

This page will deal with any potential applications of PIC microcontrollers in the field of medicine.  Why medicine ?.  Well, there are some medical conditions that the medical world have not yet managed to solve and therefore can be classified as ‘impossible’  tasks for a child to solve. That is … they appear impossible for a child to solve from an adult point of view, but a solution may exist …. That a child could ‘discover’ if guided in the right direction. Two possible examples are Trigeminal Neuralgia and SUDEP.
It is not often realised that many of the world’s discoveries were made by accident.  The  researcher may be seeking a solution in one field and accidentally find a solution for a different problem. We call this ‘SERENDIPITY’ and it is sometimes described as like searching for a needle in a haystack … and instead finding the farmers daughter !.

Of course if you want to accidentally find a solution concerning, say water, then it helps if the research is related to water.  Or in the words of the French scientist Louis Pasteur,  "In the fields of observation chance favours only the prepared mind”. If you happen to be working with  making water taste better, then you are more likely to discover a new way of purifying water … than if you were working on developing aircraft engines.

“The prepared mind … “

Can you solve a problem if you do not know it exists ?.  Would you recognise the solution to a problem, without know the problem existed ?.  I think not.  If I we want people to find a solution, we must first make them aware of the problem.
The next question is at what age should we make children aware that a problem exists ?.  Here I think we have to remember that the problem exists because the adult generation has not solved it.  It logically follows that if we adults do not produce a solution, then our children will inherit the problem from us. I think we owe it to our children to give them the tools to solve the task ahead of them and one of those tools is giving them a ‘prepared mind’. Since the adult way of thinking did not produce a solution, we should allow the child to develop a way of thinking that does work for them.

Presentation of problems.

The purpose of this page is really to present specific medical problems, at a level that a child might be able to understand and think about.  In some cases it is to show other approaches to problems that have not yet been exploited, in the hope that it may generate new thinking on those subjects. So far I have limited myself to those medical problems that may have a partial, or full solution.  That is about as much as I can say about this, without spoiling things for the children.  For a lot of reasons it is important that any discoveries made are THEIR discoveries.

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