This page, is really a less intensive continuation of the survival articles found on Magics-notebook 1.  I had not planned to return to this subject and it really came about in wondering if there were any survival problems still outstanding from my last articles. As always new ideas appear and so I have added this page to cover them in an ‘ad hoc’ manner.


Pandemics can create panic, like no other threat. You cannot see it, taste it, smell it and there is no way you will know if you are one of those that will die. A natural reaction is to try and run away from it, but in the process you may actually run into it … or worse.  Most of the prepper’s talk about ‘bugging out’ to escape the virus but in my opinion all those who decide to try and run are up against the problem of what will the rest of humanity do in a pandemic, particularly the government, the police, the armed forces and enlisted militia. This question has brought about two theories, the first being WROL, which stands for Without Rule Of Law, ie a complete break down of law and order and basically a dog eat dog situation.

What negates the WROL theory is the Civil Contingencies act, which if activated give the government unlimited powers to solve any problem in a declared emergency. It gives authorities so much life and death power, that a second theory has evolved called EROL, which stands for Excessive Rule  Of Law.   After 32 years in the military, I know that any government cannot allow continued public unrest  … or else that government will fall. So my impression is that after a very shaky start,  TPTB will end up in control of the situation … but that anarchy will never be more than a life saving injection, or a meal away !. If that is the case then EROL is far more likely than WROL and the majority of the population will support it, because it gives the best chance of obtaining medical assistance, food and a hundred and one other things man has learned to rely on.

Another aspect is where would the bug out people go ?. All land in UK belongs to someone and the probability is that it will not be the person who bugs out, so where ever he goes he will be a trespasser. Everything he thinks he will glean from the land belongs to someone else, so he will be a thief. Farmers have the guns, so what happens if they even think the scavengers in the woods have taken one of their sheep ?.  How will they get the latest medicine, or even medical treatment for non pandemic conditions ?.  Practically none of those who try and break a military cordon or quarantine area, will really have a clue how to survive once their tins of beans run out. Can the authorities allow suspect pandemic cases to wander around infecting others, or should they be where the authorities can best evaluate and treat them, ie within a controlled quarantine area ?.

OK the bird flu scare came and went, but what few know is that it is emerging again. One million chickens had to be slaughtered in Mexico this year. Cambodia has announced the very worst year for H5N1. China, India,  Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Holland have also had outbreaks again.  A pandemic may never happen during our lifetime, but the question of whether it is best to bug out or bug in, is relevant right now.

To be continued …